Hello! I'm Raina and I'm the founder of this site. I currently live in North Carolina and am also an ASMR artist. I feature at least one of my prints in every video. You can find links to some of them below.

Several years ago, I discovered the graphic design software Canva and became hooked. As I designed more and more images, I thought it would be fun to turn some of those images into wall prints.

As I experimented with different images, I came up with the idea of changing an image out from the front and adding magnets to the back. I call these "magnetic prints." The idea is that we can now easily change out the picture on our walls and desks whenever we want, without it being a hassle.

I love spreading positive vibes, which is why you'll find a lot of positive quotes, nature, and bright colors on here.

I'm also a vegetarian, and a strong advocate of animal and environmental protection efforts. I believes people can find greater happiness through acts of kindness and self-care, and I stand by this site's motto, which is "spreading joy."

Raina Cassity